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Lots to Remember

Midwifery Cards

Designed by a midwife for midwives

Our most popular midwifery pocket sized DataCards, complete with pocket lanyard attachment, comprise 26 double sided plastic cards which are durable and interchangeable to keep you constantly up to date.

Card Contents

  • Weight Conversions
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Metric Conversions
  • Drug and drip rate calculations
  • Clinical chemistry values
  • Haematology values
  • Vacutainer System
  • S-monovette Guide
  • Ante-natal care - Routine Assessment
  • Fundal Height Measurement
  • Abdominal Palpation
  • Fetal heart sound positions
  • Descent of Fetal head
  • Ante-natal Call Out
  • Domestic violence in pregnancy
  • Basic observations in labour
  • Vaginal Examination
  • Bishop Scoring
  • Assessing station of presenting part
  • Cervical effacement & dilation
  • Defining fetal position on VE
  • Fetal Blood Samples. Incl. mnemonic
  • Apgar Score
  • Oxytocin Infusion
  • Syntocinon Infusion
  • Group B Strep Protocol
  • Management of Diabetic Women in Labour
  • Post - delivery care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Post -natal Discharge Requirements

Card Specification

DataCard Pack (W 8.5cm x H 5.2cm x D 1.9cm)

Pricing Options

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Midwifery Cards

Package & Postage

UK - £3        Europe - £4        Worldwide - £6

Bespoke Cards

We offer a full range of design and production facilities, so can create Data Cards for your business or industry.

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